Personal Coaching
Personal Coaching

I offer a wide range of personal coaching, specifically tailored to meet your individual needs and objectives:


  • Defining purpose, values, motivation and clarity of goals

  • Increasing self awareness

  • Building confidence and resilience

  • Making lifestyle choices and changes

  • Balancing work, life and family for health and wellbeing

  • Navigating change

  • Identifying and planning career changes

  • Managing career transitions:

promotion to a new role and responsibilities

starting something new

returning to work

flexible working/job sharing


  • Personal effectiveness:- planning and prioritising

  • Communication and presence

  • Enhancing personal influence, impact and performance

  • Understanding difference and diversity in building strong relationships

  • Developing individual strategies for applying learning and development to achieving goals



Client Feedback - what my clients say

Thank you so much for the support- I have experienced coaching before but your coaching was the most valuable and more importantly safe and comfortable to see new perspectives and to breakthrough barriers.”

Senior Manager, Public Sector.

“I've really enjoyed the coaching sessions and feel they have been very beneficial for me in terms of getting a better self-awareness and focusing the mind on what is important and where to go from here.”

Senior Manager, Public Sector.

“Jacqui was very helpful and very perceptive and really helped me with the interview process for promotion."

Senior Manager, Public Sector.

"Great coaching sessions - brought a lot of things together.  Nice to reflect on the changes over the last year and fully appreciate my strengths."

Senior Manager. MOD.

"I hadn't realised how much my sessions would assist me with my future plans."
Senior Manager. Public Sector.

"Jacqui Zanetti coached me whilst I was writing my first draft screenplay after leaving a career in law to go into film making.

Her coaching enabled me to set goals and to stay motivated and accountable to meeting them, while being encouraged in my creativity without suffering any writers block.  In-fact I often had the thrill of getting things done on time or with time to spare and celebrating minor and major mile- stones along the way! The whole process was fun and positive. 


Her coaching style is unique and driven by a great capacity to listen and understand individual needs.  It had a very positive impact on my confidence and ability to achieve something completely new."


"Jacqui is a fantastic coach. Very supportive and knowledgeable on how to draw out the best from her coachees and very responsive to an individual's needs. I have really enjoyed the coaching and feel they have been very beneficial in terms of getting a better self-awareness and focussing the mind on what is important and where to go from here."

Senior Manager. Transport Sector