Executive Coaching

I offer executive coaching personalised to meet your needs and objectives.

Leadership Coaching

  • Identifying and defining your values and purpose as a leader

  • Strengthening connections between motivation, purpose and impact

  • Cultivating and communicating your vision to take others with you

  • Increasing self awareness to build confidence, resilience, challenge mindsets and change behaviours for enhanced performance

  • Strengthening personal leadership styles

  • Enhancing personal impact – presence, influence and communication

  • Emotional intelligence for building quality relationships and motivating teams

  • Managing work/life balance for health and well being 

  • Working with group dynamics and diversity for greater team performance

  • Leadership through change


Executive Transition Coaching

  • Career planning and personal development

  • Managing Career transitions:

  • New role and responsibilities

  • Promotions and managing ‘The first 90 days’

  • Returning to work

  • Successful job sharing

  • Identifying new opportunities

  • Managing portfolio working

  • Creating a vision for retirement


Business Coaching

  • Strategic thinking and implementation

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Client and Employee relationships

  • Employee motivation

  • Relationship Engagement

  • Securing team effectiveness through accountability, motivation and empowerment

  • Developing capability and managing performance






I also facilitate ‘Pause Days’ for professionals and entrepreneurs which create space for deeper thinking and ideas development within the support and setting of a peer community. More information here.

Client Feedback -  what my clients say about my coaching

"Jacqui Zanetti is an amazingly insightful and resourceful coach. In our sessions she provided some excellent tools for reflection and action after first helping me to discern the underlying issues at hand. Jacqui knew exactly which resource would help at each turn, and the lessons learned have been long lasting. She understands the complexities of leadership and ministry in a church context, and is skilled in brining things back to the core subjects of vision and values. I am immensely grateful for the time we spent together, what she brought out was transformative and superbly helpful."

Church Leader, Church of England, London


"Jacqui is calm, patient and incredibly astute in ensuring any time spent with her is of real value.  I always left each coaching session not only with a clear idea of what I needed to focus on in the next period, but also feeling a lot more confident about myself than before I went in! She demonstrated incredible listening skills and attention to detail which made me trust her implicitly with helping me to improve my own performance and fulfilment in working and non-working pursuits."
Operations Director. Leadership Development Organisation

"Jacqui – thank you for being my coach and sounding board on this journey. One of the most powerful things you have done for me is to help me handle feedback better.  The last months in my new role have been an incredible journey and it was capped off by recently winning a global award for the work I have done to support gender equality in the workplace. I have interpreted this as nothing more than an acknowledgement of an encouraging start. Really discovering who we are, what we can be and the positive impact that can have on the people around us, our organisations and the society is truly mind blowing. Doing that is so much easier when you have a confidante, someone whose only motive is to help you. That was the role you have played and for that I’ll always be grateful."

Managing Director, International Services Company.

"I can't believe the power of knowing yourself. I took a lot away from our coaching. It gave me greater insights into who I am and what I stand for.  I really enjoyed exploring thoughts and ideas.  In fact I am really excited about the opportunities. I feel that it's going to help set the direction for the next step in my career."

Technology Director, Manufacturing Sector.

"Our coaching discussions were truly an inspiration for me and the learning will remain with me forever." 

Director, Global IT Services


"Jacqui's coaching was extremely useful in exploring leadership styles and their practical application as well as understanding and strengthening my communication styles and structure." 

Senior Manager. Public Sector


"I found my coaching sessions with Jacqui transformational. I was quite surprised I could verbalise so many inner thoughts for the first

time...Jacqui has been fundamental for me growing in confidence. She really helped me to understand my motivations, my goals and to reflect on a more effective and balanced approach to reach my objectives." 

Principal Engineer, Oil and Energy Sector

"A focused session with Jacqui on my interpersonal skills helped me to understand the difference between experts and leaders and why interpersonal competence such as facilitation and listening skills are also key to leading and managing highly skilled teams. The focus on developing my relationship skills to build trust with stakeholders was extremely useful in achieving my goals as was developing a greater awareness of when and how to adapt different leadership styles for greater results."
Management Consultant, Global IT Services

"Jacqui coached me and my job share partner as we had recognised we had very different styles and needed some third party support to help us work better together. The coaching was invaluable to the job-share, it really helped us understand each other better, communicate much more effectively and realise our different perspectives were in fact complementary for our team. Personally, as well as helping with the job-share situation, through conversations with Jacqui I was able to take a step back and work out my own career motivations. When a reorganisation spelled the end for the job-share, I found I had the clarity and confidence to look for new opportunities that would better suit my strengths and ambitions, and am now looking forward to starting a new job in a different field and different organisation." 

Senior Manager, Transport Sector

"There were so many issues that needed to be addressed and Jacqui helped me to set out a structured pathway to address them. I am very excited about future sessions and indeed improving mine and my team’s performance in my current role."

Senior Manager, Public Sector. 

Executive Coaching