Pause Days

A time to pause

A time to reflect

A time to make changes

Pause Days

What are Pause Days?


It’s a day to press the pause button and notice what’s important to you so that when you press play again you are clearer what’s next.

It is protected time. It allows you to stop, take stock and gain clarity around choices and decisions in your work and personal life.

In a small group of up to 5 people, I provide an environment for you to be open, frank and honest with yourself.  At the end of the day you can move on refreshed and refocused on a clearer purpose and plan.


How does it work?


I facilitate the day which is deliberately slow-paced and reflective.  I aim to provide structure and stimulus to your thinking, as well as giving you unique space and freedom to focus on things that are important to you.  Time is precious and pause days are precious time  offered in this hectic world.


The day flows through three simple phases which can cater for any issue you bring: Where am I now? What do I want? What am I going to do?  It comprises a mix of individual and group activities, all designed to get to the heart of an issue.


Between us, we develop a sense of community and use simple, powerful, reflective techniques – of listening, walking, journaling, questioning and talking.  This is to introduce and develop good habits – habits which can turn your experience into insight and wisdom and your energy into purpose.


Who is it for?


Participants come for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they come because they want quality time and support to think through a decision they’re stuck with or they have a new opportunity or idea that they would like to explore.  Some simply come because they know that daily pressures are affecting the quality of their decision-making and they need to take a step back. In my Masters research on the effects of pausing to take breath, people often spoke of experiencing this time as a real gift.  It was not self centred time but refreshing and life giving which then flowed back into their work and relationships.




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What Participants have said about Pause Days


"What a day! I have left knowing myself better, more confident and walking taller. Pause day was truly life changing for me - and three months on it is still bearing much fruit in my life".
VP, Oil & Energy Sector

"I attended a Pause day and found it to be a wonderful opportunity to get away from the day to day aspects of your life to reflect on where you are, where you came from and where you need to go next.   It is a very simple and extremely effective way to focus your mind of making the best use of your future".
Head of Regulatory Affairs, Financial Services 

"The pause day came at a perfect time in the year. It had been quite a stressful time at work and I felt like I was reaching a crossroads with a number of decisions. Being able to spend a day in a beautiful rural setting, with a group of like-minded individuals to reflect and absorb what I was feeling and where I really wanted to be was great. The format of the day allowed for reflecting as well as group sharing and discussions. This created a healthy balance to the day and meant that I was refreshed and encouraged by other's views and experiences, as well as by my own thoughts and realisations. I left with a deep feeling of renewal, which has been a strength in the months since and has convinced me that one pause day a year is an essential investment for my personal and business life".
Business Partner, Financial Services Company

"I recently attended a Pause Day and found a group of senior execs from a number of different industries who were able to challenge and add value to my current ideas on shaping my future both in a business and private sense. The day is held in a superb and tranquil location which is also ideally suited for taking time out to reflect on the bigger issues in one's life".
Regional Vice President, EMEA, Pharmaceutical Sector

"The Pause Day I attended gave me a special opportunity to take time out, reflect on my life and work and share thoughts with like-minded people. I left feeling more focused and clear-headed. I would recommend this day to anyone who wants to take some time out to think, reflect and be gently challenged to create a better life for themselves". 
Managing Director, Retail Recruitment Sector 

"I'm a busy marketing consultant and I really appreciated having the opportunity to take a day out - just for me. 
And what a day it was; the facilitation and the space to reflect was finely balanced, creating an environment where I was able to get in touch with what was important and came away with a renewed sense of purpose, refreshed and a certain amount of calm"

Managing Director, Marketing Consultancy