Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

A few examples of feedback from my clients.


Private Sector Clients

“I can't believe the power of knowing yourself and I am looking forward to getting closer to solving the puzzle in the next sessions with you."



“I'd also like to discuss ways to be more assertive and ways I can organize my time better and  control the anxiety because I really start feeling the pressure and sometimes I feel overwhelmed.
The discussion we had last time was really useful and I am trying to keep doing things that energise me without increasing the anxiety. I'd like to keep talking about ways to increase my confidence.
We had a really good session and I was quite surprised I could verbalise so many inner thoughts the first time.
I look forward to the next session.”


“Thank you so much for the support - I have received coaching from work and from my other course but your sessions to be honest we're the ones most valuable and more importantly safe and comfortable.”


Public/Not For Profit Sector Clients

“Just wanted to say thank you for the three coaching sessions we had over the past few months and for being my coach. I've really enjoyed the sessions and feel they have been very beneficial for me in terms of getting a better self-awareness and focusing the mind on what is important and where to go from here. So a very big thank you and all the very best.”


“The Mentoring facilitated was specific to my role and is something that i now use in both police and personal life.
Jacqui is a fantastic coach and has provided me with lots of useful tools to understand my character and how best to use my strengths and develop my weaknesses.
Jacqui is very helpful and enables me to reflect and consider other perspectives. She is also a good source of information.”


“Jacqui was very helpful and very perceptive and really helped me. My mentor helped me with the interview process for promotion.
Jacqui helped in developing my technique in providing presentations. Structure and develop themes.  A very useful session in helping me prepare
for an assessment centre.  Thank you. 

The mentoring service would be useful as a sounding board re how to approach certain difficult conversations with individuals. This however could also be provided by others within the police that have previous experience with dealing with similar situations. It is difficult for 'ASK' mentors to assist in career progression or specialism within the police without having a policing background and/or knowledge of that area and what is required for it.  Jacqui was very good. I was surprised how helpful she was. “

Transition Coaching

"Jacqui Zanetti coached me whilst I was writing a draft of my first screenplay for film.

An important part of the process was finding the best place and time for me, as an individual, to write. She also helped me to set achievable goals which helped me to stay motivated and encouraged.  As a result my creative energies kept flowing and I never suffered from ‘writer’s block’ during this process. In-fact I often had the thrill of getting things done on time or with time to spare and celebrating minor and major mile- stones along the way! The whole process was fun and positive.

Her coaching style is unique and driven by a great capacity to listen to individual needs.  It had a very positive impact on my confidence. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her especially if you would benefit from some coaching and accountability whilst drafting a screenplay, novel or other longer work."

"Jacqui – thank you so much for your kind email but so much more than that, thank you for being my sounding board on this journey. One of the most powerful things you have done for me is to help me handle feedback better, reminding me that it is an input, nothing more, nothing less. The last 19 months of my MBA and new role has been an incredible journey and it was capped off by recently winning a global award at ADP for the work I have done to support gender equality in the workplace. I have interpreted this as nothing more than an acknowledgement of an encouraging start. Really discovering who we are, what we can be and the positive impact that can have on the people around us, our organisations and the society is truly mind blowing. Doing that is so much easier when you have a confidante, someone who’s only motive is to help you. That was the role you played and for that I’ll always be grateful."